SI-Elektronik Valve Protector Kit (Inc 1L ERC Gaslube)


Product Code: SI-8XIET99

SI-Elektronik Valve Protector Kit (Inc 1L ERC Gaslube)

Assures optimal valve protection for liquefied petroleum gas operation


How does Valve-Protector work?

The system consists of an additive tank and an additive pump which is controlled by the electronic controller.

The gas valve timing is used to calculate the amount of additive needed. The longer the opening times of the valves, the more additive is introduced into the gas.

When driving in gasoline mode, the gas valves are switched off and no unnecessary additive is consumed.

The additive is introduced either by means of an additive nozzle with integrated vacuum compensation in the intake air path or via an additive switch incl. Integrated check valve which is installed after the evaporator of the gas system on the low pressure side in the gas line.

The additive tank is equipped with a level sensor and signals you in good time by means of a control lamp when the additive has to be topped up. In addititon, a relay can be added to switch off the gas ECU when the tank is empty.

The correct dosing amount is adapted to the respective vehicle needs by means of a laptop and the programming software. The software also contains a vehicle database to store the various settings of the vehicles and to read them in when needed.

All installed materials in Valve-Protector are of high quality. All relevant seals are made in Viton




ERC LPG GasLube Premium is designed for the protection of valves and valve seats in LPG-powered vehicles and is suitable for all commercially available additive dosing systems.

The Effect

As a result of the lubrication qualities lacking in the fuel for LPG operation, special additives must be supplied to the combustion chamber by means of a dosing unit for the optimal lubrication and protection of the valves against severe stress during the combustion process.

The Result

With the continuous dosing of ERC LPG GasLube Premium, all areas of the engine interior coming into contact with the fuel are lubricated just as well as in petrol operation. As a result, the valves and valve seats are protected and the fuel system is cleaned.

The benefits at a glance

ERC LPG GasLube Premium:

  • Protects valves and valve seats against wear
  • Cleans the injectors and the fuel system
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Extends the engine service life
  • Tested by DEKRA
  • Approved by the German Federal Environmental Agency

ERC LPG GasLube Premium is recommended for use in vehicles operated with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The necessary additive dosage is approximately one per mille in relation to the consumed gas quantity.

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